Paper Used in Digital Wide Format Printing

12 Dec

Basically, the professional process of printing anything in wide sized materials is called digital wide format printing. The process is done with the help of numerous desktop publishing programs alongside other digital means. Some of the most common items used through this method include advertising signs, murals and posters. For people who prefer the digital wide format printing, they have to be aware of the various kinds of paper available in the choices for the final product. Before going through and finalisation of the paper choice, take into account the kind of document you want and how that particular document will be used. The ideal material or paper for products depends on the usage; frequent usage and exposure requires durable paper.

Kind of Paper

Copy paper and bond paper are available in wide sizes from around 11 inches up to 17 inches; these types of paper greatly vary in thickness and brightness. If you plan on displaying the document, consider laminating the product right after printing in order to better preserve the material; lamination prevents damage and ripping. Majority of clients use the smaller sizes for common day-to-day documents. 

Coated and uncoated offset lithography papers are not recommended for wide format digital format printing as well as for products that were intended for frequent usage. Because of the amount of high moisture content that this kind of paper has, it tends to easily wrinkle when used for any kind of digital printing. On the other hand, carbonless papers are only made for digital printing; it was not intended for any other kind of printing. All units contain dyes that are encapsulated and then released whenever they pass under a printing thus resulting in image transfers from one sheet to the next.

We also have something called all-purpose personalised stickers which can obviously be used for just about any kind of printers including inkjet, digital and offset; they're also used on fax machines and copiers. All-purpose papers come in numerous sizes for printing materials in wide formats.

Recycles papers and rag bonds are a bit pricier compared to your usual papers for printing. Recycled papers come from either industrial waste of post-consumer waste. Meanwhile, rag bonds are made from both cotton and wood fibers. Because both of these paper products feature textured quality, people include them in designs.

Take note that prints intended for windows, posts, walls and any other surface to make them appear like murals make use of self-adhesive photo papers. Available in outdoor and indoor, the best kinds properly absorb x-banner printer ink and can be repositioned and removed.

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